Amore Signature Massage

Our Signature Massage is designed specifically for you! Our expert massage therapist will create a customized massage using a variety of techniques to increase oxygen flow, release toxins from muscles and de-stress your body and mind.

80 min $125

50 min $ 85

Deep Tissue Massage

Go to the next level of firmness! The massage will go deep into your aching muscles and help relieve stress.

( Be sure to drink plenty of water after this treatment.)

80 min $135

50 min $95

Swedish Massage

The relaxing and soothing massage contains light pressure and long strokes that will leave you stress free.

50 min $ 80

80 min $ 110

Hot Stone Massage

This amazing rejuvenating massage combines stone massage techniques from around the world. Enjoy this tranquil massage that will bring relaxation to mind, body and spirit.

50 min $ 90

80 min $ 130

Prenatal Massage

This massage will benefit pregnant women in many ways. This treatment is well known to reduce stress that is caused on the back and also helps to reduce joint pain. There are many benefits that this massage will provide for many women such as better sleep at night. This massage will help reduce the stress and anxiety that one may be experiencing as well.  

50 min        $139